Conversion Tracking

Digital analytics form the cornerstone of long-term successful marketing campaigns by allowing you to track and improve upon past efforts. Gaining a deep understanding of your current and prospective customers has gotten much closer to reality in recent years and opened up many new possibilities.

At Two Oceans Digital, we believe that all advertising should be held accountable. All of our marketing assets are track-able and selected based on each client’s individual needs. In-depth consultations are available for comprehensive analysis and development of long-term content and marketing strategy. Inquire today about how advanced analytics applies to your business.

conversion tracking chart

Tools like Google Analytics offer us powerful insights into your competitive landscape, including:

  • User demographics: Segment your site visitors geographically, by their interests, how they found their way to your site, whether they are on mobile devices, etc. This information coupled with your preferred KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like an online purchase or inquiry can help you optimize your site content, design and marketing.
  • On-site behavior: Track how users interact with your site and correlate which content use or paths through the site are more likely to result in a conversion. You can then double down on content that works and remove friction from trouble areas, easing the path to conversion.
  • Site performance: Today’s Internet users expect to find the information or resource they want quickly and easily. Your site can be left for a competitor’s for seemingly insignificant issues. Are there areas of the country or world where your site loads slowly? Is your site difficult to use on a mobile device? Identifying and fixing usability issues goes a long way towards recovering missed revenue.
  • Higher quality marketing: Whether you’re tracking sales or lead generation, the ability to isolate individual campaigns greatly boosts the efficacy of your marketing. Understanding how your marketing channels such as email, social media, pay-per-click and display advertising interact in pursuit of a conversion is crucial to maximizing the benefit of every advertising dollar.
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